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Robin Hood

by Miketopus

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Original Thread: Everything is made out of chocolate! Let's Play Robin Hood! (NES, Hybrid)



Welcome, everyone! Miketopus here, with my fifth LP on the SA forums.

After the technical trials I faced in LPing the PS2 game Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land, I decided it was time for a palate cleanser. A throwback to simpler times, when graphics were delicious and plot was only an occasional phenomena that gave you breaks between exploding your enemies with swords and dueling ridiculously difficult bosses.

Did I find it?

Fuck. Yes.

When I was seven years old, I received this game on the NES for my birthday. And, in all brutal honesty, I was scared shitless by it. The music is loud and passionate, and the transitional cues were oftentimes dismal and frightening. People were fighting everywhere. For that matter, everyone explodes when they die, and then you can loot their mysteriously intact corpses for items.

Even with all of that, this game entertained me for hours. I hope to demonstrate to you readers why; I'll expose the awesome, the not-so-awesome, and the downright ridiculous elements that make this game the stupid fun it is.

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