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Original Thread: So, I have this friend I'm into - Let's call her B



B and I have been really good friends for years. Like, we sorta grew up together. Over the years, I've been sort of interested in her, but I don't really know if I should just go after her. I don't want to fuck up our friendship!

Anyway my friends D, L, and I are going on this ski trip with B and her friends. D says if I'm interested in B I should just ask her out. L is sort of a player and thinks I'm too young to settle down and focus on one girl. I don't know what to do!

For reference sake, here are pictures of B and I - They're Polaroids and I had to take them with my cameraphone:

(I'm on the left and she's on the right.)

I'm leaving for the trip soon. Help, Internet!

edit: Oh crap, names in pics. No internet detectives, please.

edit2: Okay, here's all of the people I've met who you need to know about.

- Conor (Dickbag/King Dickbag/KDB)
- Danny (D)
- Lucas (L)
- Elliot (Dickbag2/DB2)

- Becky (B)
- Kiki (K)
- Shana (Hippie)
- Leanne (Thailand)
- Alex (A)
- Erica (E)

Also, if you guys are interested, here's my friend Josh's story. (Thanks, WolfShirt!)
This is what my ski trip to Japan in the 80's was like. (Thanks, Mr. Swoon!)

Photoshops that Tasian made of me and my friends!

Fall.Child made this!

Herr Roboto made this!

Some little fish named Zorak got 'is cherry popped!

The Sezza made this!

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