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Original Thread: Hweel! Let's Play Tales of Eternia! (4-player,hardcore mode,do everything)



Hey everybody,

I'm Adam
I'm Cat
I'm Nessa
And I'm Dustin

And we're playing Tales of Eternia for the Playstation 1

Unlike other RPGs at the time, the Tales series is famous for its Linear Motion Battle system, where battles are fought in real-time instead of having a turn-based system. This usually makes the battles feel frantic and fun. The Tales series is also famous for being anime as balls.

This is going to come up a lot, because this game is anime as balls. Our game of the day starts when a magic girl with purple hair boards a space ship to another world. What starts as a quest to understand this mysterious girl soon becomes a quest to save the world. Anime!!!

This game stands out from the rest by having four-player mode available immediately without any requirements, making spells fly fast and free, and also changing a lot of the battles (especially bosses) drastically on higher difficulties. As such, we'll be playing this game

- with four players
- on the hidden Hardcore difficulty
- doing fucking everything

That's right, we're showing off every last quest, secret, optional dungeons, you-name it, everything, all on the hardest difficulty in the game. So let's meet with our characters!

Reid Hershell (AKA "REEEEEEEEID"): A happy-go-lucky guy who is handy with a sword. He likes it out in the boonies, and prefers life to be simple. He's been friends with Farah ever since they were little kids, even though he's usually stuck bailing her out of situations she can't handle.

Farah Oersted (AKA "The Iron Fist"): A girl who loves kung-fu fighting - she studied at the Regulus Dojo and knows how to kick some serious tail. She has an almost obsessive compulsion to help people in need, and this can wind up in situations that she doens't know how to handle. Still, her heart is in the right place.

Meredy NoLastName (AKA "The Weird One"): A girl from another world with an unknown mission. With strange clothes, dark skin, unintelligible speech, and a stone on her forehead, it is Farah's quest to understand her that initially drives the story for this game.

Keele Zeibel (AKA "That Crybaby Good-For-Nothing KEELE ZUHBELLLL"): Childhood friend of Reid and Farah, he moved away in pursuit of knowledge. Now he lives down at the university, furthering his studies. Since he's the smart one, maybe he can help us figure out what exactly Meredy wants...

Join us on this adventure as we tackle foes more powerful than ever! The differences the difficulty makes are:

- Enemies have 50% more health
- Enemies appear to do more damage / are more aggressive
- Enemy spells cast faster
- Some enemies get new attacks and moves. This especially applies to all bosses.

But never fear! With all four of us working together, we can get through this madness and come out on top!

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