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Part 96: Chapter LXXXVI - The Conqueror's secrets We will reveal

The Conqueror’s secrets We shall reveal -OR- The Empty Throne


Standing here, watching passers-by, reminds me of my hometown. The same sun shines through the blue skies, causing shadows behind the buildings. My town was not rich, but there was an abundance of happiness and joy. I wish I could go see it with my own eyes once more...

When my town burned to the ground, all I could do was stand there and stare at what had become of it. That image... It is not something I will ever forget as long as I live and breathe. I've traveled across many lands in search of the man who caused such devastation. He will continue to roam the world until I get my revenge. That is when my journey will end.

Chapter XIX: They call him the Conqueror

I am Roeas, messenger for his lordship, the Conqueror!

We hail from the eastern city of Veyriel. We’ve come for the Remnant entrusted to us by the prophecy of the God Emperor!

His Lordship promises prosperity to us all! The mark of this promise will soon become apparent to the world! The Remnants will awaken. Time will be stagnant no more.

What rot! A prophecy? The God Emperor would never aid them!
Ignore them, let them say what they will.

They have brought their troops to Elysion. Perhaps there is truth to their words.
But did they threaten the God Emperor into siding with them?

Chapter XX: Why did you come here?!

Chapter XXI: Mister… Conqueror, is it?

I am he whose coming was foretold by the God Emperor himself. What need have I of the Congress’s blessing?
*sigh* The days when the God Emperor’s word was law are long gone. He should know that more than anyone.

Chapter LXXIV: I gave her a more appropriate form

I’ll make this quick. I need someone to pay a visit to the God Emperor. I’ve appointed you, David.
The God Emperor?! But, why?
The Conqueror’s powers were bestowed by the God Emperor himself. It is your task to go and ask his Highness everything he knows.
That is a great responsibility. A man of my meagre stature should not even be in the same room as the God Emperor.
Hmmm… so you’re saying the Acting Chairman of the Congress is not allowed an audience with his Highness?

Combat arts suit you 110%.
You’re right… thanks. Now, to work on surpassing her…

Before we head to Undelwalt, there’s a couple more things to do. I didn’t do them in the previous update because it would have undermined the impact of the ending, and because I was nearing the 50k character limit.

Rush, Rush! You gotta help me – this is very important! What should I train in? I can’t commit, so you decide!
Combat arts is the way to go.
You know, wishy-washy schmooping around is my tragic flaw. But since you just made the decision, all I have to do is blame you when it goes wrong! Thanks!

What do you think I should focus on from now on? I value your opinion.
Combat arts is the way to go.
Alright. I was alone for a long, long time… But now I’ll do my best to work with everyone and succeed.

Heya, Rush! You look bored. Let’s go find some Anthrovore Trunk!
Great! Then let’s get going!

Yeah, no. I probably will do one last round of upgrades, but only when I’m going to head for the final confrontation. We’re not at that point yet, but we’re getting pretty close. I’ve unlocked Flaumello Tower, which is one of the harvest points for these things, but there are a couple more dungeons to visit as well.

Hey, greenhorn. You ever heard of Jewel Steel? I bet you would if you came with me to find some.
Okay, sure.
Then come on.

Hey. If you’ve got time to be standing around, why don’t we go get me some Sapphire Crystal?
Appreciate it. C’mon, let’s go.

What’s good? I’m thinking we should get some Jewel Steel? It’ll be the jump-off.
Word. Then let’s roll.

Oh, so like, Divine Brynhildr Wing? I totally need some? So, like, let’s go on a harvesting journey!
Like, totally for sure!
Sweet! This is totally not uncool of you.

Ugh, that’s a split from the Glorious Brynhildr-type dragons, which only appear in a couple places. This could be a pain.

Oculus Tooth, yes, this is what I need…
Okay, let’s get one.
Heheheheh…. Then, let’s go.

Rush, if you have some free time, why don’t we engage in a battle or two? I admit, I’m not fond of being inactive for too long.
Sounds like a plan.
Excellent. Then, let’s not waste any time.

Whew, finally. I guess I’ll pop into Baaluk just for a second to see-

Yeah, let’s go.
Awesome-possum! So let’s saddle up!


Ah, Rush, do you have a moment? I am looking for Inverted Terrapest Barbs… Would you come with me to find one?
Yeah, let’s go.
You’ve my gratitude.

This is another very rare drop from a very specific type of Terrapest which only appears in a couple places.

You look free, young one. Instead of wasting time here, we should hit the battlefield!
Sounds like a plan.
Then, follow me.

Okay, I forgot what I came here for, Probably Wyngale, but he didn’t seem to have anything to say. Let’s just go back to Nagapur before another set of yahoos starts yammering at me.

What’s up?
I have been yearning for revenge, but no more. My memories with him, my desert town that no longer exists—both have become a special part of me. Whatever happens, I will always have them to keep me strong. If it's no burden, I would like to join you on your journey. Perhaps it will allow me to find a new goal in life.
Yeah, that sounds great!

Parameter Bonus! You have become chummy with Glenys, thus awakening her true powers!

Glenys’s parameter bonus is a fantastic 20 percent increase to AP. That’s huge compared to most other bonuses, making her an AP machine when combined with the AP on damage from her Rubber Soul.

This final bonus conversation with Glenys can only happen after you finish The Desert’s Legend quest, further confirming the link between her and the old kingdom. So who is she? No one is really sure. The game offers only those few morsels.

The final Stele in Flaumello Tower said that the queen vanished and no one knows what happened to her, leading to some speculation that Glenys is Queen Flaumello IV, which is hinted at by the line “My memories with him”, but that is contradicted by “My town was not rich,” which the old Kingdom certainly was. Besides, we found the queen’s body and talked with her soul. If Glenys was supposed to be the queen, she should have been in that cutscene.

Another suggestion is that she is the secret daughter of the Imperator – Wagram – and Queen Flaumello, and that Wagram prolonged her life in the same way that he prolonged his own. There’s no evidence for or against this, though.

The game doesn’t provide any answers, so I went with a compromise option and decided that Glenys might just be one of the Queen’s royal guards, the Mantroskylo. We knew they were all incredible warriors, and they were sealed away for a thousand years.

My answer isn’t any better than the others, it has its own flaws. I guess we’ll never know.

- Video: The God Emperor

I come as Acting Chairman of the Congress: Marquis David Nassau of Athlum. I am honored to be here in your Excellency’s presence. Today is truly a memorable day for the people of Athlum, as there is no greater glory than receiving the opportunity for an audience with your Excellency
Err… except I guess actually getting the audience and not just the opportunity. But I digress.


Your Excellency?

Enough empty formalities, Marquis. They are ever so… impersonal.

The God Emperor’s throne puts me in mind of a peacock. I suspect that was the inspiration for the design.

Rush and Irina don’t know what to make of this guy.

Peasant or vassal, We treat all as equals. Such deference is unnecessary.

Would you not agree?
Whatever pleases his Excellency.

(What a wierdo.)

Marquis of Athlum, We have heard of your many achievements. To accomplish so much at such a young age is quite impressive. Surely your father looks down on you with pride.

Oh, uh, you are too kind.

*nods at David*
Your Excellency, I come bearing a question.
Concerns about the Conqueror?

‘Tis a tricky topic, though We would like nothing more than to satisfy your desire for enlightenment.

The Conqueror’s actions are destroying the world’s balance. Without question he must be stopped. Please, you must tell us what you know.

Ha ha ha! Destroying the balance of the world, you say? A frightening man indeed!
Your excellency! Are you not the one who bestowed power upon this man?! What were your intentions?!

Ah ha ha ha ha! But a mere child you are, Marquis. You see naught but what’s before your face.

You are Irina Sykes?
Then you are she who bears the blood of Marshall? Hmmm… the Lady Marion’s beauty lies within.

Marquis, in deference to the blood of Our ancient consort, the Conqueror’s secrets We will reveal. However…

Make certain you have the courage to proceed. Ah HA HA HA HA HA HA!

- Video: Beneath Undelwalt

Be off. The truth you seek lies beyond. …Do I sense fear from you?

Nothing to do but take the Teleporter.

This looks familiar.

Yeah, here goes!
Nothing happened.

Woah, this is…
The Sacred Lands? But with rock where the sky should be.

Music: Arcane Mysteries

This is basically identical to the Sacred Lands we visited way back in Chapter 20, except it’s dark. ♫ It’s symbolic! ♫ We proceed forward looking for the next control panel. No enemies here.

This area is kinda clever. It’s a maze without walls.

But as you step onto panels, walls rise or floors lower to block your path. You need to find the correct path through the wall-less maze.

There’s the next control unit in the distance.

End of the line. Whatever the truth is, it’s within this door. No point in dawdling.

- Video: The Empty Throne

I find this… unsettling.

Someone’s here.

Music: Wheat from Chaff

People were wondering where Wagram was? Well, I don’t know where he was, but here he is now. "Wheat from Chaff" isn’t exactly the song played here, but it’s pretty close and I can’t find the other one.

LORD Wagram!

It has been far too long.
Wagram. What exactly are you scheming?

Since we did The Desert’s Legend and know that Wagram was the first God Emperor, the current God Emperor insisting he be referred to as Lord and showing deference to him makes a lot of sense.

Your eyes hold such suspicion. I am merely doing what the Remnants desire of us.
What are you talking about?
Before man so much as crawled upon the earth, Remnants existed, maintaining balance and harmony. Remnants were treated as divine creations by man, both feared and worshipped. However, all changed with the birth of one who could control them all.

As time passed, men grew more and more audacious, treating Remnants as nothing more than beneficial tools.

*sigh* So foolish are men.

Once again, men must fear Remnants power. They must worship their strength. That is the ONLY role of such unworthy creatures.

Now, with the coming of a Remnant that can express his desires, we must listen, obey, and accept all he has to say. Whatever the cost.

You say there is a Remnant who can express his intentions? His desires?
You mean the Conqueror, right?

Th-that’s impossible!
That can’t be!

Is Irina more startled by the revelation, or that Rush actually figured that out BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE? Is there anyone out there who was surprised by this turn of events?

Indeed. This was his home before he awakened.

Heed my words. You WILL leave the Conqueror be. That is, if you value your lives.

Wait! What if the Conqueror’s plannin’ something horrible, like taking over the entire world? You’re saying you just want us to sit back and watch it happen?

*sigh* Weren’t you listening, my boy? I said WHATEVER the cost.

Your Excellency, you can’t feel the same way!

Look at the God Emperor. He’s scared, so much so that he capitulated without a struggle.

The line of God Emperors is due to the Remnants.

Who are we to stand in the way of the Conqueror’s wishes?

Hear this, Marquis of Athlum: Hereafter, no one shall hinder the Conqueror. Any who go against his goals shall be branded a traitor.

Go, and inform the Congress at once.

You will abide by Our command, Marquis.

Video: The God Emperor
Video: Beneath Undelwalt
Video: The Empty Throne

The God Emperor doesn’t truly side with the Conqueror. If he did, he would have given other assistance, troops and such. He just sincerely believes that no one can stand against him. He also cannot admit that he is powerless, or requires aid against the Conqueror. That would be the final blow to the last of the power and authority that the God Emperor wields. He’s just scared. In his mind it’s far better to give the Conqueror carte blanche to do whatever he wants and claim that the Conqueror has his full backing.

When I look at this image, all I see is an empty throne.

You have to wonder how Wagram lost his eye. Perhaps he was a bit too… short-sighted?

I didn’t just say that for the sake of a pun. Wagram was the Imperator. I suspect that what drew him to Marion Marshall was the power she had, the power to control the Remnants. He used the power of Marion’s Blessing to conqueror and rule over the continent. He was a man who craved power. And here he is, the man who was Emperor, having bent his will entirely to serving the Conqueror.

Discussion: Who do you think Glenys is?

Discussion: Was anyone surprised at the revelation that the Conqueror is a Remnant?

Next Time: It’s time I paid you back for everything you’ve done for me