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Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

by 1234567890num

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Original Thread: The GUILT will kill you in Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2



Alternate title: Don't you feal GUILTy for plagiarism?

What is this game?

It's an action game based on surgery for the DS. I don't want to call it a surgeon simulator because that is a very different game.

Did Atlus make this game?

Yes they do. Which means that this game can get incredibly hard and hectic, especially on later operations.

Weren't there some of these operation games too for Wii?

There are 5 games in the Trauma Center series; 2 for the DS and 3 for the Wii. Opendork LPed all 3 Wii games while World LPed this game's direct prequel. I strongly suggest reading them. Here's the links:
But do I have to read them?

Nobody is forcing you. The game will refresh any important plot points from Under the Knife and ignore the additions from Second Opinion. New Blood takes place years after this game and Trauma Team hadn't been made yet, so they're irrelevant.

At least storywise. The gameplay takes is more akin to Second Opinion and New Blood than Under the Knife. But we'll get to that.

So what's the spoiler policy this time?

Please use spoiler bars for everything in this game that we haven't got to. For everything else, though, it's open season. I did tell you to read those LPs, after all.

Chapter 1: Doctor in a Foreign Land
Episode 1. Refugee Camp
Episode 2. Master Surgeon
Episode 3. Novice Mistake
Episode 4. Hidden Peril
Episode 5. Civil War
Episode 6. Fever
Episode 7. Leaving Africa

Chapter 2: Return to Caduceus
Episode 1. Alone in the OR
Episode 2. PGS
Episode 3. To Live On
Episode 4. Ominous Clouds
Episode 5. Sinner
Episode 6. Rebirth

Chapter 3: Onset
Episode 1. Temptation
Episode 2. Prime Time
Episode 3. For the Future
Episode 4. Elysium
Episode 5. Familiar Faces
Episode 6. GUILT Returns
Episode 7. Overconfidence

Chapter 4: Relearning the Ropes
Episode 1. Collapse
Episode 2. Losing Faith
Episode 3. Rehabilitation
Episode 4. Hope Hospital
Episode 5. A Rough Night
Episode 6. Visitor
Episode 7. Blackwell
Episode 8. Desperate Plea
Episode 9. The Touch

Chapter 5: Unnatural Abilities
Episode 1. The HOA
Episode 2. Retaliation
Episode 3. New Heroes
Episode 4. Abduction
Episode 5. The Trace
Episode 6. The Carrier
Episode 7. Shift in Power

Chapter 6: Lineage
Episode 1. A New Ally
Episode 2. Anathema
Episode 3. Widespread Fear
Episode 4. Backfire
Episode 5. Lord of Plagues
Episode 6. Improvising
Episode 7. Tragedy

Chapter 7: Illusion
Episode 1. Secret Patient
Episode 2. Tainted Medicine
Episode 3. Truth Unveiled
Episode 4. Dream's End
Episode 5. Hall of Shadows
Episode 6. The Altar
Episode 7. Mother of Sins
Episode 8. Epilogue

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