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Original Thread: Let's Play Mega Man 3 - A Slide to the Top


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Hello everybody, this is Simon, and third time's the charm! The last two games are found here:

Let's Play Mega Man - The unexpected Abraham
Let's Play Mega Man 2 - Birth of a Legend

And we're up to...

The first game was far ahead of its competition, but overlooked. The second ironed out most if the flaws and was a groundbreaking success. The sequel was inevitable - but now, with time and money on their hands, the developers could focus on making it not only quite good, but near-perfect; they had the ideal foundations for this task.
And boy, they succeeded.
Apart from one glaring issue and a few details your mileage might vary on, Mega Man 3 is about as good a game as they get - for its time, for the NES, and forever.

This is my try of doing it justice. As is the norm now, I'll use special weapons as often and as interestingly as I can, except against the bosses to prove that the order is really up to you, and try my best to be informative about the game itself.

Title and releases:
Rockman 3: Dr.Wily no Saigo!? (ロックマン3 Dr.ワイリーの最期!?) - September 28, 1990 (Japan)
Mega Man 3 - November 1990 (US); February 20, 1992 (Europe)

Having been beaten twice, Dr. Wily now invests his talent for the good cause. Together with Dr. Light he's building a giant peace-keeping robot called Gamma.
Before work on Gamma finishes, though, his energy crystals get stolen by the newest set of eight Robot Masters; Mega Man gets sent out to retrieve them, from their dead hands/rods if necessary.

Update post with extensive information linked in the picture

Every link titled "blip" will go do baldurk's site instead because blip decided to be assholes and kicked me out. And I'm so not changing the title cards.

Blip links won't work anymore because blip decided to be assholes and kicked me out. Get the videos on Baldurdash: They're in 60 fps and you can download the source file!




Stuff I missed and cheating goodness:

The April's Fool "first update" with Snake Man's stage...of MMIII for the Game Boy. Click picture for blip baldurdash.


Me trying my hand on live recording again, in Mega Man 3 Returns, the hack that Dectilon played through for the thread:

Thanks, as always, to Bean for uploading them and having helped me way back to get this party started.

Mega Man 2's music gets lots and lots of praise for being generally quite fantastic. I agree; it's a tremendously great soundtrack, one of the best ever even, certainly for the 8-bit-era.
You know what? In my opinion, 3's is better. Apart from very few duds, those songs are of outstanding quality. What Bun Bun, their composer, did with the system's resources is nothing short of a work of art. With sometimes multiple melodies weaving into each other, those are the catchiest tunes I've ever heard...with a surprising amount of depth to them.

Stage Themes:


The With Lyrics series by brentalfloss:

The Megas:
Links of interest if you're into that sort of thing




Content by others

Last but not least, extra stuff made by followers of the thread; thank all of you for your work!

- Plays through a Romhack of the game, full of great ideas and some stupid ones:
Mega Man 3 Returns

- Does a no-death run of this game, too (commentary featuring Phiggle)

Pizzatime did remixes of those great music pieces:

Pseudonym helped make my April's Fool joke a bit more consistent:

Melaneus provided me with this charming imagining of myself:

Dragonatrix took my challenge for the Challenge Thread and did Shadow Man and his stage without getting hit:

Violen took up my challenge in the challenges thread to beat the whole game with only the normal gun - except when forced to do otherwise. Don't miss it, he's insanely good!

Link to the post - more than 10000 words on Mega Man for all your outnerding pleasure!

(pictures courtesy of himself)
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