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Original Thread: Let's be real tough guys in Command & Conquer: Renegade



What's this all about?

Command & Conquer: Renegade is the first FPS to take place in the Command & Conquer "Tiberium" universe. The player controls GDI commando Nick "Havoc" Parker as he fights the Brotherhood of Nod while being mostly badass.

Only mostly badass?

There are some scenes where he's not as badass as he could have been.

Could you explain this GDI, Nod, and Tiberium business?

Back in 1995, Westwood Studios released a real-time strategy game called Command & Conquer (later known as Tiberium Dawn). Command & Conquer takes place in the late 1990s in a world plagued by an alien substance called Tiberium. Tiberium spreads through the ground like a parasite, leeching heavy metals from the soil and forming precious (and radioactive) green crystals above ground. A previously-unknown messianic cult called the Brotherhood of Nod, led by the mysterious and charismatic Kane, sees the potential of Tiberium. They rush to harvest, process, and control as much as possible. Nod then uses the wealth to form armies and terrorist cells and pursue world domination. In response to Nod's aggression, the United Nations creates the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), a supranational military force, to destroy Nod. Nod's Tiberium mastery, wealth, cunning, and fanaticism allow them to turn the fight into a prolonged worldwide war. Command & Conquer: Renegade puts us into this conflict and gives us the power to end it.

What's this "commando" thing?

One of the fan favorites from Command & Conquer is the Commando. The commando is an excellent sniper and can demolish buildings with C4 explosives. He's also smug as hell and spouts one-liners like an action hero. Havoc is like that commando but better.

What are we, Nick "Havoc" "Commando-But-Better" Parker, going to do?

We're going to bring down the Brotherhood of Nod and make Kane look like a fool. We'll have access to a variety of guns, explosives, explosive guns, energy weapons, vehicles, and one-liners.

Is there any multiplayer? Will you show it off?

There is multiplayer and it is fondly remembered by all. The multiplayer experience has been described as "the best" and "oh god." It has also been said that "it would be a shame to not include it." Those people are correct, so I will do some multiplayer videos and post them throughout the LP. I will also explain how I connect to Renegade servers so that interested goons can join in on the fun. If enough people express interest, we'll organize a Goonrush proper match.

What's the spoiler policy?

It's okay to talk about anything we know from the Tiberium series of games and how they relate to Renegade. It's not okay to spoil events specific to this game, like the revelation that Havoc's father was a hypercube. If you don't know if something crosses the line, put it in tags.

Table of Contents

YouTube Playlist

Intro/Teaser Movie YouTubeDailyMotion
Update 1: The Scorpion HuntersPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 2: Rescue and RetributionPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Part 1 Part 2
Update 3: Armored AssaultPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Part 1 Part 2
Update 4: The Plot EruptsPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 5: StowawayPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 6: Deadly ReunionPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 7: The Grip of the Black HandPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 8: Obelisk of OppressionPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 9: Evolution of EvilPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 10: All Brains, No BrawnPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 11: Tomorrow's Technology TodayPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 12: Stomping on Holy GroundPostYouTubeDailyMotion

Update 01b: Mission 3 Base BustingPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 02b: Havoc Hates HistoryPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 03b: Missed ConnectionsPostYouTubeDailyMotion

Update 01m: To Command And ConquerPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 02m: Railguns Are RadPostYouTubeDailyMotion

Update 01tsr: Skirmish (Practice Mode)PostYouTubeDailyMotion

Update 01apb: Multiplayer Practice - AlliedPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 02apb: Multiplayer Practice - Nuclear WissilesPostYouTubeDailyMotion
Update 03apb: Multiplayer Practice - SovietPostYouTubeDailyMotion


Chronojam's Commentary Corner:

Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4
Sakura and Scripts
Mission 5
Mission 6
Mission 7
Mission 8
Mission 9
Mission 9 Part 2

Neddy Seagoon posted:

You think you've seen awesome? You haven't seen Nick Havoc invading Westwood!

drunkill posted:

As Chronojam said up above, Renegade sucked up hours of my life, Renegade is when I really got into the C&C community because of the Multiplayer, you could play with 31 other people unlike the previous games with 8 players max.

Sadly, the game suffered a lot of set-back during development and even the scope of the game changed entirely throughout productions. Originally it was going to be a bit more like splinter-cell, with a different commando as the main character (Logan, in the Renegade tutorial)

Take a look at this original trailer video showing off Renegade, this is what got me hooked, sadly the game turned out vastly different but still fun.

It would have been amazing.

SupSuper posted:

Oh boy Renegade holds a special place in my heart. An FPS with vehicles? Buildings? Crazy fun multiplayer? I remember playing the multiplayer demo to death, never could get tired of C&C_Canyon, flame tank rushes and C4 spam. Singleplayer meanwhile revolved around just getting aggravated lost indoors with useless maps. Going inside buildings was really cool though, shame they weren't as detailed in multiplayer.

The whole game was pretty much made as a callback to the original RTS roots. This mission was prominently featured in trailers because of it:

Man looking back this gameplay footage has aged terribly (spot all the errors! ) yet we were still swoonning over it. Westwood really knew how to get us hooked.

One thing all you TFD/Collection users miss out on are the original Westwood-brand installers. You were inside a game the minute you put that CD in the drive:
Renegade Installation
Tiberian Dawn Installation

SupSuper posted:

While we're on the topic, Frank Klepacki has his entire portfolio up on his website to listen for free if you wanna suddenly wonder where the time went:

More composers need to learn to just rock out every once in a while:

SupSuper posted:

That's hilarious. Reminds me of TibDawn's amazing placeholder sound effects (I think they were from the beta):

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