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Original Thread: Master the Brutal Arithmetic of Battle in this Darkest Dungeon LP!



Recruitment Data! (Last Updated: Mar 3rd)

Really good crib-sheet provided by Double-Nine:

What is this game?
Darkest Dungeon is a game developed by Red Hook studios after a successful kickstarter campaign in 2014. The game plays like a mix of XCOM and classic RPGs; you start up operations in a small hamlet hiring adventurers to clear out infested areas formerly owned by one of your elders, and from the treasures gained you put those resources back into the town in order to strengthen your heroes or relieve them of maladies that might plague them.

Darkest Dungeon is a game that heavily stresses the importance of risk management and the costs of investment. The horrors that lie within these haunted grounds are merciless, and its important to know when to pick your battles, when to gear up your heroes, and when a battle is lost before actual losses occur. Your heroes are the backbone of your operations, and luckily they are always coming in so you technically cannot get a game-over. However, your heroes are still human, and the threat of death is ever present. Oddly enough, the loss of a life is no big deal compared to the time and money, and possibly lost gear, that leaves with that poor soul.

This game is one that I've dumped well over 200 hours in, and that time might grow by another 100 thanks to this LP. There's a wonderful amount of customization, flexibility and randomness to this game where no new game felt mundane at all during development of this game. Everyone calls this game stressful and outright mean, but oddly enough I play it to unwind from stress nowadays. All that is probably why I've abruptly decided to LP it.

The Dark Schemes for this LP
This LP is going to be as comprehensive as I can make it, and is heavily inspired by Jade Star's XCOM series . I can't say 100% due to the conditions of NG+, but I I will cover a lot of tricks, templates, mindsets and strategies that will help those who are starting out to get a good grip on the game.

Joining me on co-commentary is Iron Chitlin, and he is also a huge fan of this game. Much discussion will be had between us over preferred strategies, favorite heroes, and more than likely just us griping about certain...troublesome enemies.

I will also be covering general strategies and trivia for each unit in forum posts as they appear. There's a big community out there filled with meta strategies that I have no idea about, so some of my thoughts may feel redundant, bizarre, or just plain wrong at times. Still, I breeze through this game without any unexpected trouble so I feel new players might appreciate that as well.

You too can fight the Darkness!
Since this game is all about having your own personal base and army to customize as you see fit and then promptly lose them, I figure its a great game to open up to the audience for some participation. SA will have two days to decide among themselves what we'll name our house (within reason). I will also be recruiting you guys to be soldiers in my antideluvian endeavors.

If you wish to sign up, just post in this thread listing the top three classes you wish to be. All "sign me up as anything" recruits will be tossed in the garbage. Know your role cause I sure don't. I say top three since the carriage gives me a random pool of heroes to choose, so having three to choose from for each person makes things easier to do in general. Also keep in mind that the hero barracks range from 5-28 heroes maximum, so space is limited. If you don't make the cut, merely pray for the death of your fellow man~

Table of Contents

A playlist for people like me that binge LPs on the side while doing other things.

Boss Cut-scenes! Hopefully updated as the LP goes on!

Opening Cinematic
Episode 1: Homecoming
Episode 2: Opening up Shop
Episode 3: Welcome to Sunny Weald
Episode 4: Innsmouth this is not
Episode 5: Keep the Tip
Episode 6: The Ancestor's Guide to pissing off Iron Chitlin
Episode 7: Dead Rising.....Cutscene: Mastery over Life and Death
Episode 8: Hylomania
Episode 9: Politics
Episode 10: Dogpile
Episode 11: The Meatgrinder
Episode 12: "No corpses make the game harder"
Episode 13: Apply directly to Forehead
Episode 14: The Night Hag.....Cutscene: Comfortable Study
Episode 15: Rocky and Mugsy.....Cutscene: Ways & Rituals
Episode 16: Siren (Not the PS2 Game).....Cutscene: Faithful as the Tide
Episode 17: An actual Dark Run
Episode 18: RNG Made Flesh.....Cutscene: A Troubling Surplus
Episode 19: On the road to a Cannon
Episode 20: Highwang's Dull, Long and Unfunderful Day
Episode 21: Cannonball Run.....Cutscene: Awe & Ire
Episode 22: Casualties
Episode 23: Iron Chitlin as The Last Doohicker
Episode 24: A bottle of Rum and a Yo-Ho-Ho.....Cutscene: Marine Shipments
Episode 25: The most talkative Ghoul
Episode 26: OSHA Hazard.....Cutscene: The Wandering Prophet
Episode 27- Getting Offensive
Episode 28: The Long Haul
Episode 29: Comical Odds
Episode 30: Leppy Granola's Mentorship Program
Episode 31: Why I do what we do
Episode 32: Leppy's Bizarre Adventure
Episode 33: Eat the Rich.....Cutscene: Flesh of Man
Episode 34: Bold Accusations
Episode 35: Kaboom Dragoon's Explosive Personality
Episode 36: A Broken Clock. Also, Siren fight I guess.....Cutscene: The Other Item
Episode 37: Okay fine, Finale is awesome.
Episode 38: Looking toward the future
Episode 39: Nerd-cromancer.....Cutscene: The Visitors
Episode 40: Lambs to the Slaughter
Episode 41: The Swinetar Cometh
Episode 42: An ominous star looms.....Cutscene: Professional Respect
Episode 43: Let's get Exploded
Episode 44: Cheating the Crew.....Cutscene: Alternative Payment
Episode 45: Undulating Invasion of Personal Space.....Cutscene: The Sewer's Solution
Episode 46: -196% Damage.....Cutscene: Time and Time Again
Episode 47: Why are cannons so boring?.....Cutscene: The Application of Force
Episode 48: Champion Difficulty
Episode 49: The Beguiling Siren.....Cutscene: A Small Push
Episode 50: Brigand (and co-commentator) Incursion.....Side B: Brigand Vulf Guide
Episode 51: The #SwineGod.....Cutscene: The Great Thing
Episode 52: Necromancer Lord.....Cutscene: The Dead Reviving the Dead
Episode 53: The Gibbering Prophet.....Cutscene: Uncommon Corporeal Resilience
Episode 54: The Wizened Hag.....Cutscene: Welcome in the Wild
Episode 55: The Drowned Crew & The Horrid Shrieker.....Cutscene: Black Waters
Episode 56: The Formless Flesh.....Cutscene: A Loathsome Pile
Episode 57: Brigand 16-Pounder.....Cutscene: Compliance & Order

Darkest Dungeon Missions:
Episode 58: We are the Flame
Episode 59: Lighting the Way
Episode 60: Belly of the Beast
Final Episode: Hell is in the Heart

Bonus Videos:
Radiant Mode testing & Kickstarter Accessories
Shriekers, Shamblers, and Radiant Mode thoughts.

Info Posts:
Your Heroes
The Tides of Battle
The Darkplace Estate
Team Composition & Preparation
Overview: The Ruins
Overview: The Warrens
Overview: The Cove
Overview: The Weald
Difficulties & Champion Monsters
Compound Guide: Necromancers, Secrets, and Common Enemies
Boss Guide: The Hag
Boss Guide: Swine King & Wilbur
Boss Guide: The Siren
Boss Guide: The Flesh
Boss Guide: The Cannon
Boss Guide: The Crew
Boss Guide: The Prophet
Miniboss Guide: The Shambler
Miniboss Guide: The Collector
Miniboss Guide: The Shrieker
Darkest Dungeon: We Are the Flame
Darkest Dungeon: Lighting the Way
Darkest Dungeon: Belly of the Beast

Journal Entries! Half of them courtesy of Double-Nine

Journal of Daruis the Highwayman
Page 1.....Page 2.....Page 3.....Page 4.....Page 5.....Page 6

The Blackest of Fates
Page 1.....Page 2.....Page 3.....Page 4.....Page 5

A Trampled Journal
Page 1.....Page 2.....Page 3.....Page 4

Blood-Soaked Pages from a Journal
Page 1.....Page 2.....Page 3.....Page 4.....Page 5.....Page 6

Fan Content

Gridlocked shows us the true heroes of Darkplace Estate

Gridlocked also provided us with some great house banners

FicusArt picks a side

Propaganda by JamieTheD

More art from Jamie showing off the late game partyboys. NSFW due to body horror

IMJack shows us that Billy Jean is not our lover

Festivore shows us the benefits of getting a sponsorship for this LP

Political Comics!

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