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Original Thread: By Eurmal's Balls! Let's Play King of Dragon Pass!



What's this? King of Dragon Pass(KODP) is a simulation/choose your own adventure/generally genre-defying game originally released in 1999. The basic premise is that you're leading a clan of your people to glory by making a tribe, and eventually a kingdom. Along the way you fight things, explore, steal some cows, accumulate treasure, and deal with bickering between clans and within your own clan. The game itself is somewhat of an oddity - the only visuals are still images and text boxes, and gameplay mostly consists of making choices when events occur. It's set in the tabletop world of Glorantha, meaning there's a lot of information involving the people, places, and deities of Dragon Pass that never gets touched on in KODP itself.

What platform is this on? KODP was originally released on PC. It has recently gotten an iOS release, and even more recently has been released on GOG, so you no longer have to have A Sharp send you a CD via physical mail if you want to play it. The iOS version has a few gameplay tweaks(mostly new events, new treasures, and streamlining a few things), but both versions are more or less the same game. I own no iDevices, so this LP will be of the PC version.

Wasn't this LPed already? Yes, and I recommend reading Mystic Mongol's LP if you don't mind spoilers on the main plot events. However, KODP has a huge variety of events, making it so that no two games will tell the same story. Everything from the choices you make during clan creation to how you react to each event(and events rarely have a single correct response) will change how your clan plays out. Hell, I've played this game dozens of times and there are still times when I come across an event I've never seen before.

I'm also going to be posting the game's music where appropriate. Since the last LP, the game's full soundtrack has been officially released(for free!), and it's a pretty good listen. The track above plays at the title screen(which consists of the art at the start of the post, and new game/load game/exit).

Clan Info/Mythology/Etc:
Calendar, Chaos 1 & 2, Deities 1 & 2, Foreigners, Glossary, Heortland, Law, Map, Runes

History page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5
Dragonkill War page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7
The Pharoah page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4
Early settlements page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6

Myths (listed as our clan knows them)
How Things Began, The Sword Story, The Contests, The Storm Age, The Making of the Storm Tribe, Humakt the Champion, Issaries the Conciliator, Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth, Orlanth and Aroka, Orlanth the Justice Bringer, Chalana Arroy Heals The Scars, The Great Darkness, Elmal Guards The Stead, Uralda's Blessing, Ernalda Feeds The Tribe
Lightbringer's Quest: The Journey West, The Sea Journey, Luathela, The Underworld, Orlanth and Yelm, The Ritual Of The Net, The Return

Known Clans (N means they neighbor us, T means they're in our tribe)
Anmangarn, Beaker Duck N, Blackrock, Blue Jay N, Brown Boar, Eagle, Hillhaven, Hiord, Jenesti N, Karandoli, Kardarvi, Lysang, Orleving, Orlmarth, Orlundi T, Rakstanti, Six Brothers T, Squat Oak T, Taraling, Tree Brother, Undaroli N, Vostang, Wildcat T, Wolf N, Woodpecker N

List of shrines and blessings:
Ancestors - We know Protection(defends against hostile spirits) and Summons of Evil(summons our ancestral enemies).
Barntar - We have a shrine providing whichever of Plowsong(lets our oxen work harder) or Vigor (lets our farmers work harder) is more useful at the moment.
Chalana Arroy We know all her blessings.
Elmal - We have a great temple providing Steadfast(improves chances on defense), Shield(reduces deaths and wounds among our weaponthanes), and Sun(helps raise our crops). We also know Horsefriend(lets our horses live longer).
Ernalda - We know all her blessings, and have a temple providing Bless Crops and Preserve.
Humakt - We have a temple providing Truesword(doubles weaponthane strength) and Battle Luck(increases our chances of winning a battle). We also know Oath(seals bonds between clans) and Morale(improves ability of our warriors).
Issaries - We have a temple providing Silvertongue(helps our traders and negotiators) and Market(improves profit of our market). We also know Spare Grain(gives us extra food from trading), and Trading(increases profit of trade missions).
Lhankor Mhy - We have a temple providing Literacy(helps dealings with other clans) and Lawspeaker(aids in legal cases; ensures that clan mood isn't soured by unresolved disputes). We also know Clan Lore(helps divine the truth).
Maran Gor - We have a shrine providing Earthblood(fertilzes our fields with the blood of everyone slain on defensive raids). We also know Blast Earth(curses another clan's fields; can only be cast with sacrifice)
Odayla - We know all his blessings, and have Tracking(helps us find things) permanently activated for some reason.
Orlanth - We have a temple providing Rain(helps raise our crops) and Lightning(we dish out more wounds in battle). We also know Woad(reduces deaths and wounds among the farmers) and Thunderstone(increases effectiveness of skirmishers).
Tarad Riel - We know Watchfulness(helps our patrols).
Uralda - We have a shrine providing Calf Blessing.
Urox - We know Smite Chaos(does what it says on the tin), Sense Chaos(see previous) and Berserker(increases odds of victory, but causes more deaths and wounds on both sides).
Vinga - We know both her blessings, and have a shrine providing Fyrdwomen(allows women to defend the tula).
Wind Spirits - We can sacrifice to them for a variety of vague effects I never use.

Treasures We Own:
Bit That Bound Vivamort - Repels the forces of Chaos.
Board of Nails - Helps keep our farmers from becoming too unhappy.
Captured Spirit - Helps to perform rituals.
Eye Mirror - Improves effectiveness of our patrols.
First Arrow - A flint arrowhead with great hunting powers if Odayla is on the clan ring.
Greysage Mask - A leather mask from the Knowing God that grants certain clan members wisdom.
Hate Torch - An ever-burning magic torch that grants certain clan members cunning and strength.
Head of Markanth - Can terrify foes in battle.
Heort's Balm - Turns the clan ring's practice of the law into magic for our herds.
Heort's Stone - Helps us heroquest when we're in desperate straits.
Humakt's Raven Banner - Wins a battle, but the standard-bearer dies.
Humakt's Sword - Strengthens our Humakti when the battle goal is death.
Iron Plow - Helps our farmers if Barntar is on the clan ring.
Kero Fin Kite - Helps sacrifices reach the gods.
Klanth of Orlanth - Strengthens warriors when they charge into battle.
Necklace of Axes - Helps those who hate the elves.
Quivin's Torc - Grants certain clan members great insights.
Red Leather Mask - Helps overcome skepticism.
Scarf of Seven Runes - A magic scarf that helps us when we heroquest to the Lightbringers.
Shifting Statue - A magic statue that keeps everyone amused by changing shape each season.
Shimmering Cloak - Helps us evade our foes in battle.
Silver Lips - Helps overcome reluctance.
Silver Tongue - Makes it easy to maintain a great temple to Issaries.
Splendorbread - Adds to our magic each harvest time. (this description is slightly misleading - it counts as if we put extra magic into Crops at Sacred Time, instead of giving us actual magic points)
Strong Man's Toothpick - Gives certain clan members strength and resolution.
Tiger's Eye Necklace - Helps us track things down and find them.
Veil of Chalana Arroy - Helps calm vengeful people.
Vinga's Comb - If Vinga is on the clan ring, Vingans and Orlanthi gain prowess.

Eurmali (our tribe) - Wildcats, Orlundi, Squat Oaks, Six Brothers, and Stormriders.
Colymar - Tree Brothers, Karandoli, Hillhavens, Blue Jays, and Rakstanti.
Culbrea - Wolves, Vostangi, Undaroli, Woodpeckers, and Jenestni.
Kheldon - Eagles, Orlevings, and Taralings.
Malani - Lysang, Blackrocks, Brown Boars, and Orlmarthi.
Torkani - Anmangarni, Hiordlings, and Kardarvi.

Misc Glorlantha Lore:
God Learners, Tarsh, Trolls, Trolls 2, Trolls 3, Elves, Praxians, Praxian Gods, Dragons, Dragons 2, Dragons 3, Empire of Wyrms Friends, Empire of Wyrms Friends 2, Chaos Beasts, Outsiders, The Pharaoh, Tricksters, Orlanthi Outsider Rites, Grazers, Grazers 2, Sorcerers, Metals, Vadrus & Gagarth, Dwarves, Dwarves 2, Dwarves 3 Runes, Delecti the Necromancer, Initiation, Thanatar, Tricksters

List of Updates
Clan Creation: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
1330: Sacred Time, Rearranging The Clan Ring. Overview of the Clan Screens. Exploring the Tula, Exploring 2, Exploring 3, Skeleton Band 1, Skeleton Band 2, Fire Season, Cattle Raiding, Earth Season, Treasure Trading, Dark Season, Storm Season
1331: Sea Season, Ernalda Feeds The Tribe 1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Fire Season, Some Whiny Kid Whines A Lot, Ducks, Kinslaying, Dark Season, Storm Season, Raiding the Blackrocks
1332: Sea Season, Fire Season, Earth Season, Interrupted Honor, Dark Season, Storm Season
1333: Sea Season, Wind Lords, Fire Season, Earth Season, Feasting!, Humakt the Champion (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), Sartark Again, The Worst Raiders, Weaponthanes!
1334: Refugees, Vampires, Fire Season, Drought, More Horse-Spawn, Dark Season, Storm Season
1335: Suitors, Shut Up Sartark, Outlaw Women (2), We Still Suck At Raiding, Angry Widows, Dark Season, Humakt Again, Humakt 2, Dinosaur Wizard, Virtues, Jarolor's Neverending Cow Quest
1336: Selling Off Blacktail, Sheep Thieves, Chaos!, We're Fucked, We're Not Fucked!
1337: Fucking Vostangi, The Eagles, Rubble Runners, Foreigners, Plague, More Strangers, Storm Bulls, Jarolor's Sisyphean Labor
1338: Sea Season, Dinosaur!, More Dinosaurs, Tarad Riel, Dragonewts, Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth, Year Of The Dino, Our Dumb Asses Scramble The Maps, Issaries Kindly Repairs The Maps
1339: Mutant Calf, Earthshakers, Adultery, Trading Gossip, Thriller Night, Heroquest! (not by us), Nothing Bad Happens To Us For A Change
1340: Kero Fin, Dragonewt Husk, Omens, Looking At Young Nobles+A Vostangi Tries To Get Us To Defy Tradition, One Last Shot At Appeasing Lhankor Mhy
1341: Ducks, Slaughter All Around, Vostangi Beg For Mercy, Heroquest Preparations, Enter Brenna, Orlanth and Aroka (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Glendara Again
1342: Tusk Riders, Sheep Illness, Dragonewt Returns, Thrall Problems, Revolt, Free Food
1343: Thief, Murder, Yinkin Cultists, LARP Time, Brat, Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth (2, 3, 4, 5), Orlundi Troubles, Year End
1344: Prophecy, Making Of The Storm Tribe (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Humakti Warriors, Angry Wildcats, Fleeing Thrall, Prophet's Return, Duck Trouble, Gift Giving
1345: Trickster Insults, Uralda Cultists, Bandits, Tarsh Trader, Year's End
1346: Spirit Talkers, Maran Gor Priestess, Chalana Priestesses, Husband Shortage, Marriages
1347: Mine Mysteries, Dwarves, Death of Brenna, New Ring Member, Dwarf Danger, Tribe Naming, The Eurmali Tribe, Wolf Negotiations, No Negotiating With Crazy, Squat Oak Negotiations, Squat Oak Success
1348: Undaroli, Six Brothers, Orlundi, Wildcats, Wounded Storm Bull, Woodpeckers, Tribal Moot, The First Tribal King (2, 3, 4), Broos, Klanth
1349: Adventurers, Outlaw Women Again, Centaur, Strange Warriors, Einarth Returns, Elmalquesting At Last, Not Elmalquesting, End of Year
1350: Troll Peace (2), Kidnapping, Boundary Dispute, Shaman Offer, Chaos Cultist?, Raids All Over
1351: Treasure Trading+Heroquest Prep, Marriage Matters, More Marriage, Horse Spawn Cops, Enemy Of Our Enemy, Wedding, Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars (2, 3, 4,5, 6), Husband Woes Again, Year's End
1352: Tarshites, Duck Rustlers, Exploration Time, Horse-Spawn Camp, Raiding Season, Horse-Spawn Round 2, Carl-Cottar Quarrel, Treasure Time, Flesh Man Obtained, Lunar Campaign Success, Crushing our Foes
1353: Harvar the Trader, Kardarvi Feud-Ending, Wolf Wergild, Illator Returns, That Darned Horse Feud, Warrior Palsy, Thedart Lost, The Duelist (2), Derik, The King Is Dead (2), The New King Is Dead Too
1354: Thedart Returns, Shamans Return, Tavern Trouble, Prince of Masks, Barngradus Buys A Book, Penterest Questing
1355: Telmori, Squatters, Black Horse Troop (2), Broos?, Cow Beggars, Cows Aquired
1356: Angry Season, Vostang-Crushing, First Arrow, Secret Murder (2), Enthralled Clanmates, Clanmates Recaptured
1357: Hate Torch, Dwarfs Return, Elmal Guards The Stead (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Dragonewt Statue, Fleeing Bride, Consequences, Raids
1358: Vengeful Widows, Trader Slander, Kingmakers (2), Magic Scarf, Lawyer Baby, Upstart Rising, Priests VS Tricksters, Odds & Ends
1359: Saraska, Trespassers, Outlaw Warrior, Elf Summoning, Penterest and Aroka, Thadart Again, Saraska Returns (2, 3)
1360: Derik Singlepath, Orlkensor Slain, Duckgild, Saraska Again, Saraska's Rites, Saraska Fallen (2)
1361: Thadart the Bachelor, Culbrea Peace Offer, Dwarf Thralls, Derik Leaving, Issaries the Conciliator (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
1362: Shady Treasure, Non-Shady Treasure, Blue Jay Trouble, Thadart's Son, Raven Banner, Loricon VS Skeletons (2)
1363: Spirit, Thief, Wildcat Proposal, Loricon Finds the Truth
1364: Horse Feud Returns, Everything Else
1365: Crazy Wine (2), Loricon The Champion, Pharaoh's Agents (2)
1366: Jaldon Goldentooth, Aftermath, Derik Returns (2)
1367: Derik Injured (2), Brother Trouble (2)
1368: Vostang Trouble (2), Trickery, Everything Else
1369: Marriage Trouble, Uralda's Blessing (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Blood Sisters, God Tongue
1370: Funny-Looking Calf, Wolfmen, Feathered Horse Queen (2)
1371: Proverb Rage, Marriage Stuff, Ancestral Blessing, Murder, Penterestquesting
1372: Odaylaquest, Voballa, Iron Plow
1373: Tribal War, Moonscars, Peace Brokering, Town Planning (2), Outlaw Warrior, CowLARP (2), Tusk Riders Incoming, Building Harvard (2, 3, 4, 5)
1374: Telmori War (2, 3, 4), Telmori Peace, Bribes, Iron Chef Dragon Pass, Townstrife, Trader Dwarfs, Thrall Trader, Horse-Wall (2)
1375: The Feathered Horse Queen, Rivals, Ferena Brooslayer, Kites, Troll Traders, Praxians, Dragon, Bad Hosts, Trade
1376: Brass Man, Divorce, Mating with the Mountain, Bland King Rising, End

Bonus Content: Extra Events, The Bad End


Sharpest Crayon



Several poems, myths, and artworks made for the in-thread contest can be found here & here, helpfully gathered by Snugglecakes.

Some other fan posts: LP Split, Postingthane Dispute, Arenjee's Curse.

Finally, a helpful reminder of the difference between Elmal and Eurmal, thanks to FredMSloniker:
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