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Original Thread: Let's Play Radiant Historia



Radiant Historia was developed and published by Atlus in Japan and North America in late 2010 and early 2011, respectively. Thanks to its unique battle system which allows you to strategically move your enemies around (I'll go into more detail during the LP itself.), and it's enjoyable storyline, Radiant Historia has quickly become one of my favorite JRPGs.

We'll be filling the role of Stocke, an Alistellian soldier in the war against the enemy country, Granorg. Stocke isn't an ordinary soldier, however, for he is the wielder of the White Chronicle, a book which gives him the power to travel through time. Stocke must use his power to help Alistel win the war, and prevent the world from meeting a terrible fate.

I'll be showing off every event in the White Chronicle, and the True Ending. The game gives you a lot of choices, but almost all of them either continue on with the game or immediately give you a game over, so I won't be leaving our choices up to the readers.

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