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Original Thread: Berlin nightlife is about to get lit - Let's Play Shadowrun: Dragonfall



What's this then?

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is an expansion pack (or a major DLC if you prefer) for the 2013 RPG Shadowrun Returns by Harebrained Schemes, originally released in February 2014. If you need a refresher about what the Shadowrun universe is all about, I wrote a brief summary about it at the beginning of my LP of Shadowrun Returns. This LP will generally assume you've either read that LP or played through the original game yourself, though story-wise the two are not connected in any significant way. Prior experience with the Shadowrun universe beyond the previous game is also not required, though I will again mention that both the SNES and the Sega Genesis Shadowrun games also have LPs in the archive and both are worth checking out if you haven't yet done so.

Okay, so I'm familiar with Shadowrun. What's Dragonfall about?

Dragonfall takes place in late 2054, a few months after the events of The Dead Man's Switch campaign from Shadowrun Returns. It leaves behind the classic Shadowrun location of Seattle and switches continents to Europe, more specifically to the anarchist-ruled city of Berlin located in the Allied German States. Compared to The Dead Man's Switch which was a very by-the-numbers Shadowrun campaign primarily aimed at introducing the setting for Shadowrun newcomers, Dragonfall's focus is more heavily on its storytelling and characters which have both gained a great deal more depth from before.

This alongside a host of other improvements such as the introduction of a set crew with their own distinct personalities and character arcs led to Dragonfall kind of overshadowing the game it originated from. Many consider DF the best Shadowrun video game of them all, and it enjoys the reputation of a modern classic amongst many RPG fans. However, in its original form it was still somewhat dragged down by the fact that it was an expansion to and inseparable from Returns, meaning it shared many of the original's mechanical issues such as nebulous damage systems.

So, enter Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut. Released in September 2014, over half a year after Dragonfall's original release, Director's Cut is a completely stand-alone version of Dragonfall. This version made further improvements to the original, with the most notable changes being a complete overhaul of the cover and armor systems and the introduction of unique skill trees for your crew members. It also added a handful of brand new missions, so if you played the original Dragonfall but never came back for the Director's Cut, there'll be something new for you in this LP as well. All in all Director's Cut is the definitive version of Dragonfall and it made an already very good campaign even better. It probably goes without saying that this is the version we will be playing.

So without further ado, let's get to it, shall we?

Table of Contents

Part 01 - Create-a-Criminal Returns: Dragonfall
Part 02 - The Vault Hunters
Part 03 - Questions and Quarrels
Part 04 - Introductions
Part 05 - (Kreuz)basar of Wonders
Part 06 - The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
Part 07 - Even More Ways to Move Up in the World
Part 08 - Hotel Inspection Day
Part 09 - Time to Blitz
Part 10 - Know Your Friends

Part 11 - Ahead On Our Way
Part 12 - The Great Plot Dump of 2054
Part 13 - Heading Off to Work
Part 14 - Trial & Tribulations
Part 15 - Turnabout Trial
Part 16 - Back to Business
Part 17 - Smuggled on Your Shoulder
Part 18 - To Err is Humanis
Part 19 - Posthumanism
Part 20 - Bad Scalp Day

Part 21 - Ghosts of the Past
Part 22 - Dawn of the Wizard Age
Part 23 - The Sewer Pipe Samba
Part 24 - The Patriarch's Plea
Part 25 - The Well of Health
Part 26 - Real Work for Real Workers
Part 27 - The Pharmassacre
Part 28 - The Spider's Grasp
Part 29 - Darkness
Part 30 - The Bad Old Days

Part 31 - Pieces to the Puzzle
Part 32 - Breaking and Later Entering
Part 33 - Into the Sealed Realm
Part 34 - In Royal Service
Part 35 - Defenders of the Realm
Part 36 - A Harebrained Scheme
Part 37 - Tensions in the Night
Part 38 - Information Scavenging
Part 39 - Hurrying Slowly
Part 40 - Bits and Pieces

Part 41 - Blitzing Off
Part 42 - The Meat of the Matter
Part 43 - Accounting Errors
Part 44 - Chemical Pursuits
Part 45 - A Toxic Work Environment (Part 1)
Part 46 - A Toxic Work Environment (Part 2)
Part 47 - Man and Metal
Part 48 - Prisoner of Blood
Part 49 - Doom & Gloom
Part 50 - Divided Halves

Part 51 - Traipsing Through Twilight Town
Part 52 - Warehouse Warfare Returns
Part 53 - Engineered Solutions
Part 54 - Engineered to Fail
Part 55 - On the Road of Redemption
Part 56 - Through the Halls of Haunting Memories
Part 57 - To the Heart of It All
Part 58 - In the Face of Adversity
Part 59 - On the Road of Revenge (Part 1)
Part 60 - On the Road of Revenge (Part 2)

Part 61 - Cuts & Runs
Part 62 - Going Software
Part 63 - Out for Blood
Part 64 - Intravenous Solutions
Part 65 - A Lethal Incision
Part 66 - Paid in Full
Part 67 - Paid in Excess
Part 68 - Housecleaning
Part 69 - A Nice Little Recap
Part 70 - A Chipload of Answers

Part 71 - A Trampled Community
Part 72 - Neighbors in Arms
Part 73 - Spirits & Spellslingers
Part 74 - The Predator's Den
Part 75 - The Hunter's Prize
Part 76 - Siege Preparations
Part 77 - The Scene of the Crime
Part 78 - High-Intensity Lab Work
Part 79 - Consumed by Fire
Part 80 - The Final Push

Part 81 - The Shadows' Verdict
Part 82 - The Friends We Know
Part 83 - Denouement in the Dark
Part 84 - A Dragon's Due (Ending Showcase 1)
Part 85 - Digital Devil Saga (Ending Showcase 2, Part 1)
Part 86 - Digital Devil Saga 2 (Ending Showcase 2, Part 2)
Part 87 - The Beginning (Ending Showcase 3, Part 1)
Part 88 - The End (Ending Showcase 3, Part 2)
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