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The Closer: Game of the Year Edition

by TheMcD

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Original Thread: Baseball, Zizek, Hentai and Twitter - Let's Play The Closer!



So, what's all this then?

This is The Closer: Game of the Year Edition (The Closer for short from now on), a RPG Maker game released by Redbird Menace in 2015. It is a game about the trials and tribulations of a young rookie pitcher that was made the closer of his team and loses Game 6 of the World Series. As a result, he has to go on an epic quest to remake himself as a pitcher before Game 7. Furthermore, Slavoj Zizek, a hentai game, Twitter, and secret societies are involved, amongst other things.


Yeah. It gets kinda nuts. Also, if the mention of the word "hentai" has your alarm bells ringing, don't worry, this game is clean.

But I don't know anything about baseball!

Relax. I'll try to help you out. The first update - update zero, as it were - will be dedicated to me trying to explain the basics of baseball. Furthermore, I will take opportunities during the gameplay to explain further things that become relevant so you know what the game is talking about.

So, uh, what is this game, then?

Well, it's basically a JRPG type game, as RPG Maker games tend to be. However, the battle system has been somewhat revamped. Furthermore, the gameplay in this game isn't the focus. This game is made by somebody who mainly considers themselves a writer, so that is very much where the focus lies, and what makes this game great. Honestly, the easiest way to get a feel for how the game operates is to just read the first proper update.

Let's not fuck about any longer, let's just get into the game!

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