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Original Thread: Final Fantasy IV ~ The Summoner's Trial



Final Fantasy IV is a pretty cool RPG, I think. It's not the best, but it's certainly up there. Been re-released countless times on many different consoles, including the ill-conceived WonderSwan Colour. It's one of the first RPGs I ever played, now that I think about it. That would have been about 13 years ago now.

So to commemorate this completely arbitrary number, a couple of months late at that, I'm gonna do something silly: I'm gonna take a little girl, and use just her for the entire game. Basically just because I can.

I'm doing this on the GBA version more for personal convenience than anything else. This just makes it easier to do from the start, rather than playing at a low level for a while. Also because this game has a lot of bosses. Like, over 50 of them. Though, they're not all in one port and the GBA, and I think the PSP Complete Collection, has the most of all possible versions. There's a couple that aren't here, but they make up for it by having quite a lot that aren't in others. Point is there's so many bosses that there'll be at least one in every update.

If you care about the plot at all, this is probably not for you. I'm not really gonna touch on it, save for occasionally highlighting where we're meant to go next. If you want to know what's actually going on in detail, then Bellmaker, Mega 64 and Leavemywife have all got you covered on that front.

So, feel free to not tag anything related to the plot. I'm going to presume you already know the basic outline of the game's plot and story. And, hell, just to highlight that fact here's a bit of a spoiler in the OP:

At the start of the Underworld section, the boss fight against Golbez has a thing where he summons the Shadow Dragon and appears to KO everyone but Cecil. After testing it this event in a few different ways to what'd happen I can safely say: this is not a problem at all. Turns out that the fight is coded a bit differently to how you might expect.

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