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Original Thread: The Most Unnecessary Prequel Ever - Resident Evil Zero



I really hoped I'd never make it to this point...

My trip through Survival Horror purgatory continues with what is, by far, the worst entry in the main series and one of the most unnecessary prequels to any form of media. You can find the previous threads in this neighborhood:

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Resident Evil 0 is a prequel to the original Resident Evil which was released in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube. I don't know if you've played the original Resident Evil. I don't really care. The backstory was basically there was this spooky mansion where some prick dropped a virus canister and turned everyone into zombies. Also, the other half of your squad got killed by really low level monsters, except some medic girl with a boy's haircut.

Little did we know the medic girl with the masculine hairdo had a whole adventure which she never told anyone before she faded into obscurity and was never heard from again. This is probably because her story makes the already convoluted Resident Evil 'saga' an even larger clusterfuck of convolution as a result

This is her <lousy> story...

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