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Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

by Luisfe

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Original Thread: Cannibal Hinduism in Digital Devil Saga


Thanks to the awesomeness of Mr. Swoon, I am able to do a Let's Play thread for this great addition to the Shin Megami Tensei series. Digital Devil Saga is the most "jRPGish" spinoff so far, being more focused in story development than the other games.

Wikipedia posted:

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (デジタル・デビル・サーガ アバタール・チューナー, Digital Devil Saga - Avatar Tuner) is a PlayStation 2 role-playing game. It is a spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei series of video games; the main difference between Digital Devil Saga and the main series is the focus on specific characters rather than summoning demons to fight alongside your party. The story to Digital Devil Saga is continued with its direct sequel Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2.

Notable features of the game include the ability to shapeshift between demon and human forms in battle, and a return of the "press turn" battle system from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. A large difference between Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga is the ability to change equipped skills at will, instead of at level up. Unlike in Nocturne, unlearned skills are not lost forever, which allows for much greater character customization. The game features a mantra system where Atma gained after battle can be used to "download" new abilities at a saving terminal. Atma is gained by devouring enemies in battle.

Introductory Video (Viddler)
Also on Youtube.

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Serph: Main character. Apparent mute. His stat growth is determined by the player. Ice affinity. Weak against Fire.

Heat: Not the main character. Stat developement determined by the game, favoring physical skills. Fire affinity. Weak against Ice.

Gale: The Tactician of the Embryon (the character's tribe). Balanced stat growth. Wind affinity. Weakness against Electricity.

Cielo: Craziest hairdo in the game. I think he favors luck. Electricity affinity. Weakness against AILMENTS (that is horrible in a SMT game), and thus almost never used.

Argilla: Stat growth focused in magic (and thus, for a great deal of the game, a VERY HEAVY hitter). Earth affinity. Weakness against Wind.
Her breasts bite. No, really.

In this game, every level up provides 3 points to be distributed for Serph. It is your duty to choose what areas should be focused. Again, a balanced one would be best.
And as the wikipedia quote said, there is a skill system that allows you to mix and match freely. It makes things easier. Unfortunately, the previously passive skills, such as resistances and nulled elements are now instead active skills, shields that need to be raised.
Since I am not a masochist, I will be using a NewGame+ file, and that will allow me to retain all the mastered Mantras that were in the previous cycle. It is likely that the Mantra Grid will be filled by at least one character (Serph).

Missing FilesThis LP is missing a large number of files. Unfortunately, these images appear to be lost forever. We hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless!

Table of Contents:
Update 01: Welcome to the Junkyard
Update 02: Back to the Base
Update 03: He eats with his heads, she refuses to eat with her breasts.
Update 04: Harley dies, and Argilla is Anorexic
Update 05: The Song.
Update 06: The Karma Temple
Update 07: Gale's Plan.
Update 08: Manipura's Welcome.
Update 09: Alliance with the Maribel
Update 10: The Citadel.
Update 12: Mick and Jinana
Update 13: Mourning.
Update 14: Bat's Trap
Update 15: Escape from the Maribel's base
Update 16: And he is Jamaican.
Update 17: Entering Coordinate 136. Also, kitty.
Update 18: Fuck you, Evil Prince
Update 19: The HipHop/HeeHo Brothers. Second Puzzle too.
Update 20: Third puzzle/Foreshadowing ahoy!
Update 21: The last Puzzle
Update 22: Meeting Mick Again.
Update 23: Mick Dies.
Update 24: Relocation.
Update 25: Argilla as Sera
Update 26: Planting bombs.
Update 27: More Bombs and The Trap is Sprung.
Update 28: Boom. New base.
Update 29: Breakin' the law
Update 30: King Frost
Update 31: Meeting Lupa
Update 32: Sewers. I hate sewers.
Update 33: Cerberus.
Update 34: The Mansion
Update 35: Ravana.
Update 36: The End of Rain
Update 37: Changes in the status quo.
Update 38: The King of the Flies.
Update 40: Beelzebub goes down.
Update 41: Orochi appears.
Update 42: Orochi goes down. And Horus. Lots of Horus.
Update 43: Goin' down.
Update 44: The ascent begins.
Update 45: More ascent
Update 46: Still going up.
Update 47: The last ascent
Update 48: Chinese Phoenix
Update 49: Dragon Long
Update 50: Update 50
Update 51: Baihu and Metatron.
Update 52: Huang Long.
Update 53: Update 53
Update 54: Ending

Update 01: Introductory cutscenes.
Update 02: Occupied Sector
Update 03: Introducing: New bullets and rings.
Update 04: Introductory dungeon STILL NOT OVER
Update 05: Meeting Roland, at last.
Update 06: A deal
Update 07: Mantras and Rings.
Update 08: Angel's nature revealed.
Update 09: Rings acquired, and warning the Lokapala.
Update 10: Killing giants and mending cables.
Update 11: More party members? yes please.
Update 12: TREACHERY!
Update 13: A factory?
Update 14: Omoikanes and Mantras.
Update 15: Prison Pelvic Thrust.
Update 16: Prison shenanigans
Update 17: Vengeance, your smell is horrible
Update 18: First look at Karma City
Update 19: Underground emoness.
Update 20: Silly naming.
Update 21: First few floors of the Karma Society's tower.
Update 22: Huntin' in the Tower.
Update 23: Reaching an Elevator.
Update 24: Tribhuvana.
Update 25: Still going up. Slowly.
Update 27: Heat appears again.
Update 28: The top of the Karma Tower is reached
Update 29: Out of the Tower again.
Update 30: Jack FROOOOOST
Update 31: Inside the EGG
Update 32: The Egg featuring Jack Frost again
Update 33: The Egg still goes on.
Update 34: Abbadon.
Update 35: Shit hits the fan.
Update 36: Oh boy the world is ending.
Update 37: Entering the Power Plant.
Update 38: Gates and more Jack Trivia.
Update 39: Guarded Terminals
Update 40: Two Locks Gate = open
Update 41: Roland Leaves
Update 42: Strep Throat and cutscenes
Update 43: Sacrifices.
Update 44: Blackout.
Update 45: Back to the Laboratory.
Update 46: Laboratory Innards
Update 47: Goddamn vortices.
Update 48: Why doesn't this dungeon end.
Update 49: Confrontation in the EGG
Update 50: Talking felines
Update 51: Serph re-emerges.
Update 52: Heat is dead.
Update 53: Tortillas, Flautas, and released Angels
Update 54: Meet Uriel
Update 55: Raphael goes down
Update 56: Gabriel.
Update 57: ALL TOGETHER NOW (With Michael)
Update 58: Airport.
Update 59: More crawling in an airport.
Update 60: Update 60
Update 61: Almost done with the Airport
Update 62: Last confrontation with Angel.
Update 64: Oh wait everyone is dead, but it ain't over.
Update 65: Entering the sun.
Update 66: Holes in the sun.
Update 67: Harley! Long time no see!
Update 68: Jack Frost can be an asshole.
Update 69: Leaps of faith passed.
Update 70: Bat.
Update 71: Sphincters and flowers
Update 72: More weird subbosses.
Update 73: Bullshit seals.
Update 75: TELEPORTS. Part one.
Update 76: TELEPORTS. Part the Second.
Update 77: Sixth Layer. DONE.
Update 78: Meganada
Update 79: Grind
Update 80: Shiva
Update 81: Vishnu
Update 82: Seth.
Update 83: End.
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