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by Daeren

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Original Thread: The You Testament 2, Islamic Boogaloo. Let's Play The Making of a Prophet!



'Independent game designer' MDickie has gotten himself some notoriety on the Let's Play forums recently due to General Ironicus' Let's Play of The You Testament. For those who don't know him, MDickie is like a singularity of egomania, appalling writing, and horrible, horrible coding. Although he said he was going to quit making games after The You Testament, he changed his mind and made a 'new' game, The Making of a Prophet.

The Making of a Prophet is The You Testament with the serial numbers filed off halfway, and dicks drawn in the blanks. Despite his claims to the contrary, the game's 'engine', mechanics, models, areas, etc. are almost all the same, just shuffled around with a cheap coat of paint. However, I will admit he appears to have, shockingly, listened to at least some of the many, many criticisms against The You Testament.

I could go through the madness in this game step by step, but really, MDickie's own preview article says everything for me for now. Read it here, and I will address specific kernels of batshit insanity as they pop up in-game.

In addition, MDickie, probably covering his ass in case this sparks the controversy he's looking for, has a list of 'historical inaccuracies' in the preview page and readme for the game. It's a really, really long list, and I highly doubt it's all the inaccuracies. I will try to point them out as they come up, but it'll be a monumental task.

MDickie is still citing scripture, and here's a surprise after You Testament's bizarre and nonsensical citings: they appear to be a little more accurate this time. Mostly. This is still MDickie we're talking about.

One final note. I will be playing this game unmodded with the exception of a face texture for the main character. However, feel free to post fan mods in the thread if you wish.

That's enough out of me. Let's get this train wreck a-rolling.

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