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Original Thread: I am Setsuna: Piano & Snow Trigger a Sense of Nostalgia



I am Setsuna is a JRPG developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square-Enix July 19th, 2016 for the Playstation 4 and PC. It’s the first game released by Tokyo RPG Factory, a studio created by Square-Enix specifically to pop out some new franchises styled after old school styled RPGs. In this case: Chrono Trigger. This game is trying very, very hard to emulate Chrono Trigger. Indeed, this game plays like more of a Chrono Trigger successor than Chrono Cross ever did.

Not that emulating a beloved classic RPG is entirely a good thing. Some conventions of RPGS of old were meant to be left in the past. I am Setsuna is not a terrific game. Nor is it terrible by any means! I liked it well enough and I've hated most every RPG since the early 2000s. But it definitely has some severe issues. I’d call it an interesting failure to live up to what it was going for, in the end. Granted, I’d consider Chrono Trigger to be the best RPG ever so… you know, I’m not going to blame any game for falling short of that. Also go play Chrono Trigger if you haven't already. What are you even doing with your life?

Though really, the gameplay and aesthetics is where the similarities to Chrono Trigger end and if you look for anything beyond that, you're barking up the wrong tree. This isn't exactly a lighthearted adventure. If anything, the game's actual plot and tone is a lot closer to Final Fantasy X.

I am Setsuna is not a particularly long game, despite harkening back to an age where RPGs could just easily go on for 80 hours just cuz. It’s in the ballpark of 20-25 hours, all optional end game content included. There is only one ending to the story. Given its short length, it is fairly briskly paced. There isn’t much in the way of downtime. Events will be moving quickly! As such…


With that said, let’s begin…

Episode I: I Am the Tutorial

Episode II: I Am Just Here On Business
Episode III: Local Hospitality
Episode IV: Departure
Snow Chronicles 1: Datalogs Without the Refreshing Vulnerability

Episode V: I Am Literally Just Auron
Episode VI: Goods and Services
Episode VII: Don't Fear the Reaper
Snow Chronicles 2: A Parade of Peg-Legs

Episode VIII: I Am Turtling
Episode IX: A Royal Audience
Episode X: Do Not Feed Stray Children
Episode XI: Wolf Baron
Episode XII: No You Shut Up, Dad!
Snow Chronicles 3: Me, My Son and Our Wacky Neighbor

Episode XIII: I Am Activating No Clip
Episode XIV: Alternative Medicine
Episode XV: Pillar Man
Episode XVI: Pyro
Snow Chronicles 4: Equipping My Angry Eyebrows

Episode XVII: I Am Concerned With Your Progress
Episode XVIII: Cocoon
Episode XIX: I'll Beetle You
Snow Chronicles 5: Just Add Spikes!

Episode XX: I Am Having a Difference in Opinion
Episode XXI: Monstrous Sympathy
Episode XXII: Secret Pharmaceuticals
Snow Chronicles 6: Stocking Up For Winter

Episode XXIII: I Am Not Listening
Episode XIV: I Am a Shadow, The True Self!
Snow Chronicle 7: The Tiniest Update to Take a Month to Post

Episode XXV: I Am a Mid-Boss
Episode XXVI: There Was a Hole Here...
Episode XXVII: And They Were Never Heard From Again...
Episode XXVIII: Tiger Uppercut
Episode XXIX: To Zanarkand
Snow Chronicle 8: Armored Core

Episode XXX: I Am Covered in Feces
Episode XXXI: The Gate
Episode XXXII: Counting Sheep
Episode XXXIII: Monster Energy Drink
Episode XXXIV: Luminous
Snow Chronicle 9: Shining Finger

Episode XXXV: I Am Asking the Questions Here
Episode XXXVI: The Keys to the World
Episode XXXVI-2: Flight Club
Snow Chronicles 10: The Chronicles of Rhydderch

Episode XXXVII: I Am Doing It Live!
Episode XXXVIII: Odds and Ends
Episode XXXIX: Planning For Retirement
Episode XL: Rock the Dragon
Episode XLI: Aeterna Explains It All
Episode XLII: Chrono Break
Snow Chronicles 11: Everyone Left in the World

Episode XLIII: I Am Questing on the Side
Episode XLIV: Genesis
Episode XLV: Diplomacy With Dingus
Episode XLVI: Dragnarok
Episode XLVII: Here Lies Kir. He Never Scored
Episode XLVIII: Doom
Episode XLIX: President Evil
Episode L: Gearadia
Episode LI: Eclipse
Episode LII: Rebellion
Episode LIII: A Tale of Two Dads
Episode LIV: I Can’t Leave Without My Buddy Super Boss
Episode LV: The Village of Heroes
Snow Chronicles 12: Final Log

Episode LVI: I Am Ready to Finish This
Episode LVII: I Am a Record

Episode LVIII: I Am Alone
Episode LVIX: I Am Setsuna

(Thanks Nimsant)
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