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Original Thread: The Final Fantasy V Challenge Megathread - Featuring the Solo Omniserker



Monk sprite by A_Raving_Loon.
"Magicians" sprite original by azren, redone by Abyssal Lurker.
"Ikaruga" Black/White Krile sprite by fits.


Original OP by Mega64

This is the Solo Omniserker Challenge. It started as a run of myself doing a Solo Omniserker Challenge but it evolved into a megathread of various FF5 challenges, mostly (but not all!) of the solo variety. You're completely welcome to do your own challenges in this thread!

As for my run, it's "Omniserker" because it's a Berserker that has access to all abilities, though as you may expect it'll mainly be the passive abilities that come in handy. Kyrosiris came up with the clever name and I stole it and ran with it.

As for why I'm using abilities? Because the whole point of Final Fantasy V is mixing and matching abilities. In the Four Job Fiesta Berserkers are welcomed because they can take advantage of so many wonderful abilities to be good (and because people are crazy). Also, a solo Berserker run is essentially impossible. Hell, I don't know if I'll even be able to complete this, but why not.

If you haven't played/seen FF5 before, I've already LPed it so that's probably a better starting point. Orange Fluffy Sheep also did a great LP where he does his trademark game-breaking. And of course Dr Pepper did a great low-level run LP that's also worth reading. And The Wu-Tang Secret did a very early LP that shows off some neat tricks as well.

As for stuff about Berserkers, here's Orange Fluffy Sheep's run with four berserkers. More related to my run is Sulla's Solo Berserker run, which broke his spirit and his mind. Recommended reading.

Finally, if you want a nice RPG challenge without going to insane lengths like me, the 2015 2016 Four Job Fiesta is currently up for registration, so jump in on that. This is the awesome thread for it by Kyrosiris, seriously check it out Here is the 2016 SA thread by Kyrosiris.

Obligatory Twitter feed link.



Mega64 has gone mad with a Solo Omniserker run!
Started: 6/8/15
Finished: 7/19/15 (Run), 9/27/15 (LP)

Zerky! the Omniserker - Updates
Part 1 - Birthserker
Part 2 - Dodgeserker
Part 3 - Deathserker
Part 4 - Sandserker
Part 5 - Soulserker
Part 6 - Muteserker
Part 7 - Gilgaserker
Part 8 - Warpserker
Part 9 - Insaneserker
Part 10 - Rugserker
Part 11 - Riftserker
Part 12 - WhydidIdothiswhatthehelliswrongwithmeserker

Youtube Boss Playlist

Sordas Volantyr posted:


Zerky needs a haircut. And probably a shave.


FeyerbrandX shells up a Solo Mystic Knight run.
Started: 6/17/15
Finished: 7/10/15

Mihnwu the Mystic Knight - Updates
The Adventures of Ming Nimh Wu-Tang Mihnwu Mihnwu
Mystic (Knight) Quest 2: Quest Harder
Mystic Knight 03 - The Mystic Quest for a clever title
The Mystic Knight Rises - Episode 4
The Mystic Pizza Crashes - Episode 5
Tippacanoe and Mihnwu Too! Mystic Knight Episode 06
Mystic Knight 07
Mystic River - Mystic Knight 08
Mystic Tower - Mystic Knight 09
Mystic Falls - Mystic Knight 10
Mystic Knight 11 - Break Down
Mystic Knight 12 - :black102: Black Harder

Sordas Volantyr posted:

My art skills suck (This looked way better in my mind), but I decided to make a little victory image for whenever somebody finishes their run.

(Tiny because the image is a bit biggish)

The cape pulled over the torso! A cool-looking pose, or a lazy ploy to prevent Sordas from having to draw Mihnwu's torso and arm? You decide!


Kyrosiris is mixing up a Solo Chemist.
Started: 6/12/15
Finished: 7/15/15

Walter the Chemist - Updates
Post 1 - Hydrogen
Post 2 - Helium
Post 3 - Lithium
Post 4 - Beryllium
Post 5 - Boron
Post 6 - Carbon
Post 7 - Nitrogen
Post 8 - Oxygen
Post 9 - Fluorine
Post 10 - Neon
Post 11 - Sodium
Post 12 - Magnesium
Post 13 - Aluminium
Post 14 - Sodium Chloride

Youtube Boss Playlist

Sordas Volantyr posted:

My aggressively mediocre drawing skills strike again!

The urge to draw him in the pose was overwhelming

What is proportions


DemonTrigger throws money toward a Solo Samurai.
Started: 6/16/15
Finished: 7/25/15

Trump the Samurai - Updates
Part 1 - Pay to Play
Part 2 - Hedge Risk
Part 3 - Full Leverage
Part 4 - Low Leverage
Part 5 - More Money
Part 6 - Big Pharma
Part 7 - Millionare
Part 8 - Takeover
Part 9 - Salesman
Part 10 - Payoff

Sordas Volantyr posted:

Don't think I forgot about ya, Trump!

It's barely legible, but there IS writing on the gil.
The filename is a joke.
I made the line thick for the cross-out of buisnessman, forgot to switch back, rolled with it.


Ramc goes a completely different route and does an adorable Dad Challenge Run with his three-year-old son.
Started: 7/6/15
Finished: 8/11/15

The Magicians - Updates
Chapter 1: Other People’s Magicians
Chapter 2: Go In The Water, Grandpa
Chapter 3: Blue Man Gr- oh? What?
Chapter 4: Find the King.
Chapter 6: Fire Bad Guy
Chapter 7: Kid is Lost?
Chapter 8: ON A BOAT MOTHERF-er, mommy.
Chapter 9: The Red Menace vs The Thundersandstorm.
Chapter 10: Go Up
Chapter 11: Cannon Doesn’t Even Sound Like a Word To Me Anymore.
Chapter 12: It’s Not Easy Being Green.
Chapter 13: Looking for Grandpas With Help From Grandpas.
Chapter 14: Grandpa on the Big Bridge
Chapter 15: Co-co-bo Village.
Chapter 16: Dragon Grass Bad Guy
Chapter 17: Battle on the Big Boat.
Chapter 18: Fighting Red.
Chapter 19: Submarine Shennanigans
Chapter 20: Ecks-deff Versus Grandpa
Chapter 21: Ecks-deff’s Castle!
Chapter 22: Lenna, Lost and Found.
Chapter 23: Battle on the Big Shrine
Chapter 24: Fork Tower and The Hamut Lagoon.
Chapter 25: Two More Tablets.
Chapter 26: The Rift Part One: Fire Support.
Chapter 27: The Rift Part Two: Ecks-deff’s Badguys.
Chapter 28: The Rift Part 3: Dragon Force.
Chapter 29: Ecks-Deff.
Chapter 30: Something Warm

Sordas Volantyr posted:

Oh jeez, the dragon's kinda creepy lookin, on second look...


Railing Kill aims to bring us a Solo Ranger run.
Started: 6/15/15
Finished: 8/24/15

Walker the Ranger - Updates
Walker, Texas Beekeeper
Walker, Texas Lobsterman
Walker, Texas Fireman
Walker, Texas Librarian
Walker, Texas Fremen
Walker, Texas Pilot
Walker, Texas Gunslinger
Walker, Texas Ninja
Walker, Texas Time Lord
Walker, Texas Science Guy
Faris, Texas Cheater
Walker, Texas Coward
Walker, Texas Ranger

Sordas Volantyr posted:

Secondly, I got Walker's victory screen finished and outta the way.
I didn't mean for Walker to look like a hippie when I set out, I swear that just happened.
I might have based his hair on what my hair looks like when I haven't showered for the past 24 hours.
As soon as I finished the bird, I realized that I could've made it a baby chocobo. Ah well...
You might be able to notice where paint.NET increased my brush size without me noticing.


CptWedgie sings to us the hymn of The Entertainers Challenge.
Started: 7/20/15
Finished: 9/22/15

The Entertainers - Updates
Mozart's #1 Dance Tune
Mozart's #2 Dance Tune
Mozart's #3 Dance Tune
Mozart's #4 Dance Tune
Mozart's #5 Dance Tune
Mozart's #6 Dance Tune
Mozart's #7 Dance Tune
Mozart's #8 Dance Tune
Mozart's #9 Dance Tune
Mozart's #10 Dance Tune
Mozart's #11 Dance Tune
Mozart's #12 Dance Tune - Galuf Memorial Edition
Mozart's #13 Dance Tune
Mozart's #14 Dance Tune
Mozart's #15 Dance Tune
Mozart's #16 Dance Tune
Mozart's #17 Dance Tune
Mozart's Final Dance Tune

Sordas Volantyr posted:

Whuzzat? You thought that Mozart's picture was gonna be him gracefully playing a harp? Well, just for your outrageous presumptions, you get an 80s rock-n-roller!

He's young, he's wild, and he's free/He got the magic power of the music from me...
My next update will come as soon as somebody figures out what song I'm referencing. It's not that hard, the song's title's right there in the lyrics!


Jueg01 is letting us learn about the Solo Omni-Blue Mage.
Started: 6/14/15
Finished: 4/16/16

Rock the Omni-Blue Mage - Updates
Part 1 - Rock
Part 2 - Wave, Splash
Part 3a - GUTS
Part 3b - Toad
Part 4: Fire
Part 6: Erase
Part 7: Needle
Part 8: Yamato
Part 9: Skull, Plant
Part 10: Galaxy
Part 11: Crystal
Part 12: Wood
Part 13: Pharaoh
Part 14: Magic
Part 15: Super Fighting Blue Mage, Rock
Part 16: Fight, for Everlasting Peace

Ramc posted:

Good work at finally putting paid to your run!

Accept this drawing of Bahamut by my son as congratulations.


CptWedgie decides to play as the best character with a Gilgaluf/Enkidu run.
Started: 9/24/15
Ended: 7/31/16

The Epic of Gilgaluf
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 1
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 2
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 3
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 4
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 5
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 6
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 7
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 8
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 9
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 10
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 11
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 12
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 13
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 14
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 15
The Epic of Gilgaluf - Chapter 16



Chaotic Neutral has predicted the success of Solo Oracle.

Mimir the Oracle - Updates
Century 1
Century 2
Century 3
Century IV


Nomadic Scholar fires off a Solo Cannoneer run.

1812 the Cannoneer - Updates
Hundred Years War


Bufuman jumps in with Solo Dragoon.

Jordan the Omni-Dragoon - Updates
Flight 1: Kitty Hawk
Flight 1.5: Return to Kitty Hawk
Flight 2: When Things Fall, They Fall (like Jordan)
Flight 3: The Dragoon Who Leapt Through Time Space
Flight 4: Jumping Ship
Flight 5: Jump The Moon


Trasson dashes in to show off a Solo Omni-Thief run.

Boo'tz the Omnithief - Updates
The Omnithief Chronicles, Part 1
The Omnithief Chronicles, Part 2


CeallaSo releases yet another run for us to catch up on with a Solo Beastmaster.

Ganpp the Beastmaster - Updates
Part 1 - Beast Mode


Sordas Volantyr blitzes up a Solo Gladiator run.

Faris the Gladiator - Updates
Gladiator, Match 1:Masked Madman Vs. Winged Wimp
Gladiator, Match 2: The Masked Madman Vs. Karl the Boss
Gladiator Matches 3, 4, & 5: The Masked MadmanFaris, Grandmaster at Arms Vs. Soul-Stealer Siren, Manhunter Magissa, & Gentle Giant Garula
Matches 5 & 6: Faris, Grandmaster At Arms Vs. Empress Karnak, the Formless Flame & The Dastardly Death Claw


Hellioning covers the Solo Omniknight.

Purist the Omniknight - Updates
Purist 1:1. By Virtue, By Strength.


ZenMasterBullshit throws in a Solo Ninja run.

Baruto the Ninja - Updates
Episode 1: Just me and my Shadow (clone jutsu)


alcharagia swears an oath to do the Solo Omni-Necromancer.

West the Omni-Necromancer - Updates
Stage 1- Bird of Prey!
Stage 2- Beast from the Canal!
Stage 3- Noisy Girl!


A_Raving_Loon kicks in a Solo Monk run.

KEN the Monk - Updates
Chapter 1 - The Air Has Shattered!? Crimson Raptor's Killing Breath!!
Chapter 2 - Dread Gates of Torna!! The Oceans Surge With Blood!!
Chapter 3 - Heartless Beasts!! Learn Remorse, And Face Death!!


Bulborbish conjures up a Solo Summoner run.

Lenna the Summoner - Updates
Part 1: A Summoner Princess in Final Fantasy. How Original.
Part 2 - Summoner Princess actually Summons Things.
Part 3 - A Lesson in Befriending
Part 4 - A Shaking Sensation
Part 5 - Titan's Rampage


Flarnith chimes in with a Solo Omni-Geomancer Run.

Fusui the Omni-Geomancer - Updates
1- Chiming In
2- Water Chimes for Restless Spirits
3- Ringing atop the mountain
Chime 4: handbell choir to the fallen
Chime 5: Angels get their wings
Chime 6: Ring O' bell of Passing


Darkoni saves the day with a Solo Hero Run.

Batman the Hero - Updates
Issue #1 - Batman Begins
Issue #2 - Legends of the Dark Knight


Ryushikaze copies the solo run idea with the Megamime Solo Run.

Marcey the Megamime - Updates
Krile's Marceyventure- Episode 1: Sometimes I'm a Blue Mage, sometimes I'm a wingraptor...
Krile's Marceyventure- Episode 2: Form of Siren! Shape of Living Flame!
Krile's Marceyventure- Episode 3: Marcey's adventures in Identity Theft!
Krile's Marceyventure- Episode 4: Fight, Krile bot, for Everlasting Justice!
Krile's Marceyventure- Episode 5: It's just like looking into a mirror, isn't it Gilgamesh?


Atomic Spud half-asses a Semi-Partial-Omni-Solo Red Mage Run.

Tom the Semi-Partial-Omni-Solo Red Mage - Updates
Part 1: Tom
Part 2: Lucky Breaks


Camel Pimp survives to tell the tale of the Living Off The Land Challenge.

Bear the Survivalist and Friends - Updates
Living Off the Land Part 1: The Birth of Bear
Living Off the Land Part 2: Use the Damn Potion
Living Off the Land Part 3: Work Smarter Not Harder
Living Off the Land Part 4 : I Hate Karnak
Living Off the Land Part 5: Bear Beats Up Books and Birds


Kyrosiris switches to a second run with the Ikaruga (Black/White) Mage.

Ginkei the Ikaruga Mage - Updates
Stage 1 - Ideal

Youtube Boss Playlist


Railing Kill tosses a bunch of stuff together with a solo low-level Living-Off-The-Land Mime.

Coyote the Mime - Updates
Coyote's Tales, Episode One: In the Beginning
Coyote and the Frog
Coyote and the Flame
Coyote and the Machine
Coyote and the Bomb


EdgeryWorthy parties with a solo fiesta run.

Joshey the Partier - Updates
Siesta 1: Intro - Karlabos


Fan Art

Shaezerus makes the tedious grind for two Death Sickles worth it.

Shaezerus posted:

You can do it, buddy.

Leraika sums up everyone's feelings (heh) on Karlabos.

Leraika posted:

I am so, so sorry

Rigged Death Trap captures the latest Mime run.

Rigged Death Trap posted:

Camel Pimp sums up Zerky!'s (and my) feelings post-run.

Camel Pimp posted:

I think I speak for everyone when I say:

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