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Riviera: The Promised Land

by Didja Redo

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Original Thread: Riviera: The Squirrel Wars



Table of Contents


vs. Isher: Viddler | Dailymotion
vs. Lindwurm: Viddler | Dailymotion
vs. Archangel: Viddler | Dailymotion
vs. Zombie Dragon: Viddler | Dailymotion
vs. Death: Viddler | Dailymotion
vs.  Ledah:  YouTube | Dailymotion
vs. Malice: YouTube | Dailymotion
vs. Malice (again): YouTube | Dailymotion
vs.  Hector:  YouTube | Dailymotion
vs.  Seth-Rah:  YouTube | Dailymotion


Training Montage
Riviera: The Squirrel Wars
Hector's rap (lyrics)
The History of the Arcs, Part 1
The History of the Arcs, Part 2
Minigame Madness
Fire Emblem Crossover Thing (by My Name Is Kaz)
The Other Endings


Wizard needs fire badly!

Squirrel murder is no laughing matter.

Lina did it!

god damn it hewie

Extremely belated Valentine's thing.


By Docahedron. Go visit her site.

Burn in the flames of judgement! CRIMSON COURGETTES! (By Boat)

What is this sorry mess of a game?
"Riviera: The Promised Land" is a largely overlooked RPG developed by Sting Entertainment. It was originally released for the WonderSwan Colour, a handheld console that (to my knowledge) was never officially sold outside of Japan. A couple of years later, the game was polished up and re-released for the Game Boy Advance. A remake containing graphical enhancements and full voice-acting was also created for the PSP; however, since I don't have a PSP or any means of emulating one, we'll be sticking with the GBA version.

Although this game is technically a JRPG, it isn't your standard "world map", "random encounter", "attack/defend/magic/flee" deal. The battle system (and, indeed, the exploration system) is quite unique, and I'll be doing my best to explain things as we go along. More on this below.

What is this sorry mess of a Let's Play?
Although I am primarily here to amuse you sick people, I also want this LP to be at least somewhat accessible to those who have never played Riviera before. However, I realise that some of you reading this thread will already be familiar with the game and just want to be entertained, so here's what I'm going to do to accommodate you.

Whenever I'm explaining some aspect of the game as opposed to telling you what I'm doing or cracking wise, I will type in a bold font, like so. Those of you who don't need to be told how the game works (and those of you who just don't care) can safely skip over these parts; there probably won't be much humour in them. I'm not saying you won't miss out on maybe a couple of jokes, but that's just what you get for being a damned know-it-all. Suck it up.

While I will be taking a lot of "creative liberties" with the dialogue for humour's sake, I'll usually be keeping the basic gist of it. If you'd like to read the original script, you can find it here.

Updates will be about once a week. I'd rather move slowly and get it finished rather than go too fast and burn out. (Note: This is not a guarantee that I will not move slowly AND burn out. I am trying to write one or two chapters ahead, though, so hopefully that won't happen.)

Riviera: The Promised HUGE TRACTS OF LAND
Although this game is, first and foremost, an RPG, it also contains some "dating sim"-ish elements. Allow me to elaborate.

This young man is Ein, our main character, and he will be your Tenchi for the evening.

Every single one of the party members that joins Ein on his quest (with one temporary exception) is female. Each of them has an affection value, and doing certain things or selecting certain dialogue options can either raise or lower these values. Once the game is over, you receive an ending with the girl who has the highest value.

Before you start getting all excited, though, there's no sex scene. For that matter, there isn't even any "dating" to speak of. This is NOT a hentai game. There are a couple of optional "bathing" scenes you can access; this is, after all, Japan we're talking about; but if you want to see any of these characters actually getting it on:

1. Too bad.
2. Get out.

Because I am a magnanimous tyrant, I'm going to allow you, the fine gentlefolk of SA, to decide which of these girls I spend the game wooing. Here are your choices:

FIA: The gentle, green-haired maiden. Bit of a hippy.

LINA: The energetic, happy-go-lucky archer. Bit of a loli.

SERENE: The feisty, scythe-wielding tomboy. Bit of a psycho.

CIERRA: The ditzy, pyromaniac witch. Bit of a klutz.



Note that there's also a secret ending of sorts that involves you getting all the girls to dislike you to some extent, except Cierra, who has to dislike you a little less, or something, I think, maybe, possibly. However, it's too complicated and it would require me to actually keep track of what I'm doing, so to hell with that. Just pick one of the girls, damn you.

Naturally, in order to make absolutely sure that I receive the ending the public demands, I'm also going to have to be hilariously cruel to the three that don't get chosen, just to ensure that their hopes are thorougly dashed. But please, don't let that affect your decision. They are not real people.

It is a game.


Fia - 6 votes
Lina - 1 vote
Serene - 9 votes
Cierra - 4 votes

Serene is the winner.

Pretty much every image that isn't an actual screenshot was obtained from the Lacrima Castle fansite. Sprite rips and whatnot by BobtheTomato, GIB, Tonfa, and Grim of And probably a couple of other people whose names I don't know.

Falling feathers in the boss videos by altable.

Thanks, guys.

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