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Hidden Agenda

by Covski

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Original Thread: The worst arrives, on cue - Let's Play Hidden Agenda



Welcome to this LP of Hidden Agenda!

What is Hidden Agenda?

This overlooked gem of a game was made by Jim Gasperini back in 1989, and puts the player (or in this case a junta of goons) in the role of Presidente in the small fictional Central American country of Chimerica. Not entirely unlike a much more realistic (and slightly more sadistic) version of Tropico.

The fledgling nation of Chimerica has just overthrown the dictator Farsante, but still faces a vast array of problems: Poverty, a high child mortality, lack of education and health care, rampant death squads and a splintered military to name but a few.

Another third world country to run into the ground, great! So how’s this going to work?
Following the recent trend in the subforum, this will be another politically themed thread with voting and rage against opposing parties galore! The game is mostly conversation-driven, by encounters with the ministers and other political representatives.

I will, from time to time, give you options on what area you want me to focus on next, and use my best judgment to arrange the necessary meetings to carry out your wishes.

All the actual decisions will however be taken by you, my trusted junta, by way of completely legitimate voting. This system will hopefully become clear quite soon.

You mentioned parties! Can I be a Modernizer/Populist/Republican?
Almost, but not quite. There are three major parties in Chimerica, each of which has three candidates eligible for the position of minister (something that will become extremely important later). They are:

Christian Reform. These are pretty friendly people, a lot more moderate than the other parties and are usually treading the middle ground rather well.

Likes: The middle class, growing coffee, healthcare & education, human rights, Jesus

Dislikes: Atheism, death squads, military dictatorships

National Liberation. They are a collection of different radical leftists, and were instrumental in bringing down the Farsante dictatorship. Viva La Revolución!

Likes: Land reform, socialism, coups d’état, being radical

Dislikes: Capitalism, Americans, contra revolutionaries, anything Popular Stability likes

Popular Stability. These gents represent the Chimerican elite. (Yep, literally no one liked Farsante)

Likes: Free trade, the military, USA, cotton pickers, fucking over the poor

Dislikes: Strikers, government control, poor people, anything National Liberation likes

Feel free to choose a party allegiance now if you wish, I might whip up a few cute icons for you to use if you want to coordinate your politics later on. Of course, nothing will be stopping you from ignoring the party line while voting, or switching allegiance at your own leisure.

Meeting the press
While you’re getting you party memberships sorted out, let us get down to some decision making.

First of all, what will be the name of el Presidente?

(the second last name is el Presidente’s mother’s maiden name, or if he is female, her husband’s name preceded by “de”)

And it would seem we have some more important questions to answer in our very first press conference!

The answers to these questions will, like most decisions, affect our relations with many of the groups of Chimerican society, as well as how we are judged by history. One of my favorite features of this game is the Verdict of History: when we finish our three year term or (perhaps more likely) are ousted from power by a violent coup d’état we are treated to an encyclopedia entry of our presidency, written nearly a century after these events have transpired.

A lot of things going on at once here, so let’s recap:

Choose a party!

Name our Presidente!

Answer the questions of the press!

Get voting goons, Chimerica is depending on you!

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